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Workshop on Annual Returns filing under GST Registration

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The program began with silent prayer. Sri. A. Shyam Sunder, President chaired the meeting and welcomed the gathering. He said that still many of the members have difficulties in filing the annual returns. Hence this opportunity may be used to the fullest extent, as the faculty of today is well versed in the topic.


Sri. Bijoy James, Assistant State Tax Officer was the faculty. He said that actually Annual Return is the summing up of the monthly returns filed previously from April to March. This type of returns prevailed during the regime of KVAT also. The assessee can not revise previous returns. But he can amend the return, adding on omissions or other clerical mistakes. But total revision is not allowed under GST.


There are 4 types of Annual Returns, 9, 9A, 9B and 9C. Form 9 is intended for ordinary assesses. Form 9A is intended for those assesses who have opted for compounding. 9B is for those who do business online like Flipcart or Amazon and has turn over exceeding 1.5 crore per year. Those assesses who are auditing their accounts with the help of Chartered Accountants will have to file returns through the auditor. This form is 9C. Though 9C can be filed by individual, it is better that the assessee may file the return through Chartered Accountant to avoid confusion.


In the case of assesses who have opted for compounding and if turnover exceeds the limit, they will have to file both return 9 and 9A. Similarly an assessee filing 9 return and if the turn over goes down below the limit, he can change over the form 9A. In such cases also when the turnover is above the limit, assessee will have to file for those months and 9A for the months when the turnover limits are low. When you are filing 9C form, you will have to use digital signature.


There was an open forum, Ms. Shahina, Mr. Ranjith K.V., Mr. Roopesh Dhirajlal, Ms. Shibina etc. participated. Sri. Bijoy James ASTO., clarified the doubts of the participants.


Lt. Col K K Manu (Retd.), Hon. Secretary proposed the vote of thanks.


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