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Mission Vision Goal


The Mission of the Malabar Chamber of Commerce is to support stability and growth for the business community by providing services that cultivate economic expansion and community development.


Strive to advocate policies, stimulate trade and investment, connect businesses, sustain economic growth and expand member opportunities with the aim of contributing to a stable and sustainable economic and social environment in Malabar where businesses can prosper.


Improve communication to provide value to the business community
Conduct events that support the needs of the business community
Develop an advocacy plan and Package Value added services.

Core Values

Commitment-The Chamber is in business for business and is committed to preserving a stable economic ecosystem, responding to members’ needs, connecting businesses together, improving prosperity and business opportunities within Malabar.

Conscientious-The Chamber is a non-partisan, open, honest and accountable organisation, which bases its decisions on driving and supporting business development in Malabar. Our members also subscribe to a Code of Conduct in the execution of their operations.

Courtesy-It remains a core value of the Chamber that the contribution of its Board of Directors, its staff and members is valued and appreciated.

Collaboration-The Chamber values strong working relationships with other agencies and stakeholders.


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Malabar Chamber of Commerce
No.6/1165, Chamber House,
Cherooty Road, Kozhikode – 673032
Phone : 0495 2365282, 2365292
Fax : 2766191

Available Working Time : 10:00am - 6:30pm

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