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Malabar Chamber of Commerce Provides the Following Services, Amongst Others,To Indian Companies

Malabar chamber of Commerce is one of the oldest Chamber of Commerce Authorised by the Government of India, to issues Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential) to Indian exporters since 1950, in accordance with Article II of the International Convention Relating to Simplification of Customs Formalities,1923. Malabar Chamber of Commerce attests commercial documents of various types. Malabar Chamber of Commerce also gives services to the Exporters of getting their documents attested from the Ministry of External Affairs and thereafter getting it Legalized from the Embassies High Commission in Malabar. Malabar Chamber of Commerce issues Recommendation Letters for issue of visas for business promotion visits to foreign countries.

Guidelines for Issuance of Recommendation letters for Visa

Malabar Chamber of Commerce issues recommendation letters for issue of visa for business promotion visits to foreign countries. Malabar Chamber of Commerce has been advised to obtain certain basic information before issuing the recommendation letters for issuance of visa are requested to furnish the following information to Malabar Chamber of Commerce at the time of applying.

1. Request letter addressed to Malabar Chamber of Commerce,on the printed letterhead of the company,clearly specifying the name of person who is seeking the visa,his/her designation in the company,his/her passport number and the country(s) to be visited.

2. Photocopy of the passport of the person applying for the visa.

3. Photocopies of invitation letters received from the country(s) to be visited.

4. MCC charges Rs.100/- per letter,per person.

Visa Recommendation Letters is issued only to the Members of Malabar Chamber of Commerce.

Meeting all the above requirements does not necessarily mean that the visa recommendation letter will be issued by Malabar Chamber of Commerce automatically. Malabar Chamber of Commerce has the right to reject any request without specifying the reason.

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